4 Teak Bedroom Furniture You Can Check Out Yourself

teak bedroom furniture

A good bedroom design is important. Some would already find the perfect style for their bedroom, but some also don’t. If you’re confused, why not go with teak? Lucky for you, here we have 4 Teak Bedroom Furniture from you can try out yourself.

  1. Linea II Natural King Bed

Starting from the most important piece in bedroom design, we have Linea II Natural King Bed to fill in our bed spot. This clean, linear styling reclaimed solid teak is left in its unfinished state to showcase the wood’s unique knots and patterns, and the open framing of its headboard lends airy and floaty feel to your bedroom

  1. Linea II Natural Four-Drawer Dresser

Continuing to the drawer business, we have another Linea II product lineup that same as its bed counterpart, offers the delight of unfinished solid teak and airy feel, even more emphasizing the airy and floaty feel in your bedroom.

  1. Rigby Natural 55″ Small Floating Media Console

Next we have Rigby Natural 55” Small Floating Media Console. This very versatile compartment can act as TV stand mounts, media console, or dining buffet depending on how high you place it. Perfect for anyone looking to add some entertainments in the bedroom while also complementing the airy and floaty feel from the Linea II product line up.

  1. Linea II Nightstand

And last but not least, we have our Linea II Nightstand. This similarly unfinished texture unique to the Linea II lineup is also present on the nightstand, perfect as a final complementing piece for your airy and floaty bedroom feel when combined with the other 3 products mentioned above.

How is it? Are you convinced yet after reading our 4 Teak Bedroom Furniture You Can Check Out Yourself? But in all seriousness, teak is never a bad pick for decoration choice. It’s so versatile that you can get modern, contemporary, or classical feel depending on what you want. So, don’t be afraid and try out the wonders of teak Indonesia furniture yourself.


4 Quality Lounge Chair Furniture to Perfect Your Interior Décor

lounge chair outdoor

Despite being a seemingly small part in interior design, choosing the right kind of lounge chair furniture is often very impactful as to how your finished design would look like, and as such a good pointer regarding it is necessary. So, here we are with 4 quality lounge chair furniture to perfect your interior décor that you can use and see the benefits of:

  1. Otio Lounge Chair

Lean back and relax, this Mid-century modern chair has come to ease your worries. Built to take the edge off from a long day at work, this angled solid-wood framed chair is guarantee to relax you. The Otio Lounge Chair offers many customizability starting from its material, color, and even wood stains pattern.

  1. Denman Lounge Chair

This Scandinavian styled chair is the definition of subtle, yet debonair. Resting on a sleekly cut solid-frame and lattice-webbed base, this chair keeps its Scandinavian nature to heart. Coming in fabric and leather material you can choose; this chair will complement your modern or contemporary living room nicely.

  1. Nova Armchair

Coming from the Nova Collection in is another Scandinavian styled armchair. This armchair characterizes the Danish design, effortlessly unifying both modern looks and functionality.

  1. Embrace Chair

A piece fitting for its name, the Embrace Chair will offer you the highest comfort there is for lounge chairs.  This Scandinavian lounge chair piece has a wide-seat, cool greyish tones, combined with curved back and winged arms resulting in the perfect comfort to sit in after a hard day at work.

And as such Indonesia Furniture, we have finished with our 4 quality lounge chair furniture to perfect your interior décor. Do not underestimate its important, a good pick in lounge chair can make the difference on how impactful your interior décor would be.


3 Top of the Line Outdoor Sofa Furniture Brands for Your Patio Lounging Needs

outdoor sofa furniture

Quality will surely vary when it comes to outdoor patio brands with company paying attention to different standards of quality control, attention to detail and or customer service. In today’s article we will be ranking the 3 top of the line Outdoor Sofa Furniture Brands for your Patio Lounging Needs:

  1. Brown Jordan

Known for its exclusivity and air of flair, the Brown Jordan line up offers some of the highest and best outdoor sofas furniture out there. Although a bit pricey, this globally known brand is often times the best choice for you if you need the highest quality product out there. Just to give a taste, our favorite out of their outdoor sofa line up is 20TWENTY Sofa.

  1. Forever Patio

Apropos to its name, Forever Patio also offers a little less high quality but with more affordable price range. Our favorite outdoor sofa product from them would be Barbados Sofa Set. A mid-range furniture that still satisfied all needs while still keeping the prices more or less affordable.

  1. Harmonia Living

Out of the two we’ve mentioned so far; Harmonia Living will be the best bang for your buck brand you could get in these price range. Taking the word from its founder Ben Harvey, Harmonia Living offers an affordable furniture that straddles the middle ground between luxury and sensibility. And from what we’ve seen in their Avion product line up, it’s a hundred percent true.

And that is all we have for our 3 Top of the Line Outdoor Sofa Brands for Your Patio Lounging Needs dedicated to those looking for reliable and high-class outdoor sofa furniture. You can choose from the best of the best that is Brown Jordan, or the best bang for your back with Harmonia Living, or if you want to go in between, Forever Patio is also an option. But whatever you’ll end up choosing, we can guarantee that Indonesia Furniture will satisfy your requirements.


3 Most Popular Manufacturer for Your Indoor Teak Furniture Décor

teak indoor furniture

Teak is a very popular decoration style for outdoor and indoor, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s durable, elegant, and classy. But despite its famous strengths, choosing the wrong manufacturer for your teak wood furniture could prove fatal, and that’s why we’re here to help you prevent unwanted issues of buying second-hand teak wood furniture.

In today’s article, we will be going through a list of the 3 most popular manufacturer for teak indoor furniture décor

  1. Indoor-Teak

Being a subsidiary from the widely famed Wisanka Indonesia, Indoor-Teak offers the highest quality of indoor teak wood furniture ranging from beds, tables, stools, anything you could ever need and want for your indoor décor needs you can get with the highest quality on Indoor-Teak.

  1. Jepara Crafter Furniture

Famed for its excellence in teak wood furniture, Jepara Crafter Furniture also offers their product in the form of indoor furniture too. Taking a page out of their website, Jepara Crafter Furniture describes their furnitures as Luxury Wood Furniture Made from Solid Teak Wood as Indoor Furniture, and quite honestly, we agree. The furniture they made truly are a luxury for anyone fortunate enough to experience it.

  1. MUI Teak Furniture

And last but not least on our list of 3 Most Popular Manufacturar for Your Indoor Teak Furniture Décor we have MUI Teak Furniture. Known for its Mahogany and Teak furniture, this 2009 built manufacturer offers world-class indoor teak furniture in their lineup. You can find what you’re looking for be it livingroom furniture, bedroom furniture or bedroom furniture, it’s all there in MUI Teak Furniture.

With that ends today’s article about 3 Most Popular Manufacturar for Your Teak Indoor Furniture Décor. At the end of the day, going teak for your décor is never a bad idea. This exquisite piece of hardwood is strong, durable and fits in any style you could think of and with this many of skilled and trusted Indonesia Furniture manufacturer out there, we hope you will find the best teak wood furniture there is.


4 Sofas from Widely Acclaimed Brands for Your Deep-Seating Sofa Lounging Needs

deep seating sofa

When you’re looking to decorate your apartment or living room, what’s the most necessary piece of furniture you need? Yes, all of our minds will go to sofa, especially deep-seating sofa. After all, there’s nothing better but to lay down and let your minds relax after a hard at work on an absolutely comfy and cushy deep-seating sofa.

And, if you’re looking for the correct brands for them, you’ve come to the right place, here’s our top 4 widely recognized brands for your deep seating sofa needs:

  1. Interior Define’s Ms. Chesterfield Sofa

Coming from the Founder and CEO of Apartment Therapy, Maxwell Ryan in a team up effort with Interior Define comes the Ms. Chesterfield sofa. A dreamy, deep-seated, and comfortable sofa that will eases your

  1. West Elm’s Harmony Sofa

This product from West Elm is available in numerous color and textures, making you able to find the style that suits you the most. You can even customize the depth of this sofa to your liking too.

  1. Urban Outfitters’ Isobel Sofa

This sofa from Urban Outfitters is the definition of modern sofas with its plush cushions and clean-cut looks. A recommended color for this sofa would be beige for us, being a very neutral and contemporary color that will adds a little more of chic to your living room.

  1. ABC Carpet & Home Sectional

This large sectional deep-seated sofa is quite honestly big enough for your family to lounge in. Coming in light gray hue, this sofa will accentuate your living room with its timeless color choice.

That’s all for our 4 Sofas from Widely Acclaimed Brands for Your Deep-Seating Sofa Lounging Needs. It’s very necessary to pick the right Indonesia Furniture and comfiest brand of sofas out there. After all, it’s one of the perfect ways to relax after a hard day and work. That’s all from us and we hope to see you in our next article.


Country Casual Teak Outdoor Dining, A Hand-Picked Recommendations

teak outdoor dining

If you haven’t heard of Country Casual Teak yet, they are a company built in 1977 that specializes in outdoor teak furniture. Their over 40 year plus of experiences makes them one of the most trusted outdoor teak furniture manufacturers out there, and in today’s article, we will be showcasing two of their Teak Outdoor Dining furniture. Let’s check them out, shall we?

  1. Harborside® Extension Table

Taken from their website, the table starts as a 6 ft oval and extends up to 9 ft oval. The extension can be put an umbrella up to 2-3/8 in pole in closed or extended position. The independent butterfly leaves will tuck and fold beneath the table when not in use. Using stainless steel as the material for the extension rails, it’s guaranteed that it will not warp or rust.

The extension table can accommodate around 6 people when in closed position and up to 10 people when fully extended. This set have 4 additional finishes you can choose if you’d like such as Golden Sealer, Gray Sealer, Teak Mildew Shield, and Teak Water & Stain Guard.

This versatile and unique sets of dining furniture will complement your outdoor garden very nicely, and it only takes 5 weeks or so for it to ship to your address. It costs around $2000, but for a top-tier quality product, we can firmly assure you that it’s worth it.

  1. Summit 10 ft. Infinity Table

This expansive 10 ft. table can seat around 8-10 people and features an umbrella hole right in the center made out of stainless steel. You can pair this set with Summit stacking armchairs in order to create a very gorgeous and accommodating dining table. There are 4 finish you can choose for this table being: Golden Sealer, Gray Sealer, Teak Mildew Shield, and Teak Water & Stain Guard.

Same with their Harborside Extension Table, this set worth around $2000 dollars too, but as we said in the previous product, anything from this company is a hundred percent worth your money.

And that is all we, Indonesia Furniture, have for the two recommendations for Country Casual Teak Outdoor dining. Despite its very expensive cost, both of these products are top quality in their respective business, and have been trusted for over 40 years by their customers.


Teak for Your Outdoor Décor Needs, and Why It’s Amazing

teak outdoor furnitureAs we all know it, teak wood is popular for its absolutely massive longevity, be it for outdoor use, or indoor use. In today’s article, we will be explaining why teak is a great choice for your outdoor décor needs. Without any further ado, let’s get into the first one.

  1. Easy to maintain

If you’re using teak wood, be it lacquered, colored, oiled, or even during its unfinished state, teak wood is easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Strong and Durable

Teak wood is popular for its durability and strong longevity. If you’re using teak wood as the material for your outdoor furniture, we guarantee that it will years and years before needing to be replaced. The natural oil in teak wood also helps prevent teak wood from decaying prematurely and even allows it to weather extreme weather conditions.

  1. Anti-fungi and termites

As mentioned above, the natural oil in teak wood that makes it water resistant can also help it fight fungus and termite that most of the time will leave other wood decayed and unusable, but not with teak wood.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Being a product made out of wood, teak wood is quite obviously environmentally friendly for your outdoor garden in the long run. And not just that, the natural beauty it exudes is very fitting for teak outdoor furniture décor needs.

  1. Fits into Any Scene

Due to its elegance, beauty, and classical look it has, you can’t never go wrong mix matching teak wood with any other kind of decorating style, be it modern or contemporary, teak wood will fit right in into any scene you throw them in.

That’s all for our brief explanation of Teak for your Outdoor Décor, and Why its Amazing. It’s indeed quite amazing Indonesia Furniture isn’t it? That one type of wood can be used in so many different ways.


4 Indonesian Furniture Brands You Need to Check Out

indonesia furniture

Indonesia have been in the furniture industry for years now, and is one of the leading countries for exporting and manufacturing high quality furniture for your decorating needs. But, we’re here aware that choosing the right brands and product is a bit tricky for anyone unfamiliar with the Indonesia furniture market.

So, here we’ve composed the top 4 Indonesian furniture Brands you need to check out with critical acclaim from their customers:

  1. Republic Furniture Jepara

Let us introduce Republic Furniture Jepara for the first position. This company is one of the largest furniture manufacturing company in Indonesia, specializing in high quality teak garden furniture. If you’re looking for teak to spruce up your place, you can’t ever go wrong with Republic Furniture Jepara.

  1. Wisanka Indonesia

Built in 1993, this company have had a long and successful business in rotan, teak, outdoor, and indoor furniture. With products that have been exported into countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, and much more. The quality of furniture that Wisanka Indonesia made is definitely top notch.

  1. Raisa House of Excellence

As the name implies, Raisa House of Excellence products is truly one of the highest qualities out there. This company located in Jakarta, Indonesia excels in indoor mahogany in French provincial furniture style. Giving your indoor rooms an air of excellence and exclusivity through their quality products.

  1. Chitose International

Built in 1981, this company have been one of the leading fronts when it comes to steel related furniture. Starting with folding chairs, this company now offers over 100 variants of different furniture. They also accept custom-made furniture too if you prefer something like that.

That’s it for our 4 Indonesian Furniture Brands you have to check out if you’re looking to spruce up your décor. Thank you for reading, and see you some other time!


3 Reasons Why Teak is What You Need for Your Furniture

teak furnitureConfused on which material you should choose for your furnishing needs? Look no further for we have one of the best woods for you to choose your Indonesia furniture. That’s right, we’re talking teak wood. One of the strongest and most expensive wood that exists in the world.

Without further ado, here’s 3 reasons why teak is the best material for your furniture:

  1. Elegant and Classy

Teak furniture often times exudes and aura of elegant and classical atmosphere. Its shiny, smooth texture makes it sight to behold in any room you put them on. If you’re looking for classic and elegant, Teak wood is definitely one of those woods you can choose.

  1. Extremely long longevity

It’s a public secret at this point that teak wood stood the tests of time very well. It’s resistant to water, termites, and any other wood-eating insects. Making it a good investment for your furniture needs.

  1. Offers high stability

Thanks to the high amount of silica in it, teak furniture will have a high stability prevents the wood from bending or wrinkles from its original shape.

  1. Moisture resistant

The last and fourth reason as to why teak is the best material for your furniture is that it’s very moisture resistant. This is mainly due to the drying process teak wood have to undergo, resulting in the amount of water significantly reduced. A dried wood often times are unaffected by climate changes, which also is one of the reasons why people love teak wood furniture so much.

That is all for our 4 reasons why teak is the best material for your furniture. We hope this article will be useful to you, and if you’re looking for elegant, durable and classy material for your furniture, definitely check Teak furniture out.


3 Reasons Why You Should Use Jepara Furniture for Your Decorating Needs

jepara furnitureIt’s common knowledge to know that the teak wood from Jepara is one of the best there, as not only is it strong, its unique carving will surely please your eyes too.

If you’re looking for furniture to décor your house with, look no further than Jepara Teak wood. But just in case you’re still not convinced, here we have 3 reasons why you should use Jepara furniture for your decorating needs:

  1. Suits any type of decorating styles

Looking for minimalistic living room? or maybe you’re looking for classic? Or neoclassical even? Don’t worry, Jepara furniture can fit into all of those categories and make your decoration look nice and beautiful.

  1. Unique and exquisite carving

As we’ve mentioned before, Jepara furniture often use teak wood as their base. There aren’t many people that can make such exquisite and detailed carvings the likes you’d find on Jepara furniture. This is mainly because most, if not all of the furniture you’d be buying are hand-made from scratch.

  1. Lasts longer compared to other teak wood furniture

As we’ve mentioned above, the teak wood that comes from Jepara is not like the others in term quality. It’s been proven from time to time that the teak wood from Jepara is first, sturdier and second, lasts longer compared to the teak wood from other countries such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, and even Filipina. And because of its years long longevity, lots of collectors are interested in Jepara furniture. Just like a fine wine, the older it gets, the more valuable it is.

And now after reading our 3 reasons why you should use Jepara furniture, are you feeling convinced yet? Jepara Indonesia furniture certainly holds and intrinsic value found in no other furniture, giving the room you’re decorating the spark it truly needs to awe your visitors.