4 Indonesian Furniture Brands You Need to Check Out

indonesia furniture

Indonesia have been in the furniture industry for years now, and is one of the leading countries for exporting and manufacturing high quality furniture for your decorating needs. But, we’re here aware that choosing the right brands and product is a bit tricky for anyone unfamiliar with the Indonesia furniture market.

So, here we’ve composed the top 4 Indonesian furniture Brands you need to check out with critical acclaim from their customers:

  1. Republic Furniture Jepara

Let us introduce Republic Furniture Jepara for the first position. This company is one of the largest furniture manufacturing company in Indonesia, specializing in high quality teak garden furniture. If you’re looking for teak to spruce up your place, you can’t ever go wrong with Republic Furniture Jepara.

  1. Wisanka Indonesia

Built in 1993, this company have had a long and successful business in rotan, teak, outdoor, and indoor furniture. With products that have been exported into countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, and much more. The quality of furniture that Wisanka Indonesia made is definitely top notch.

  1. Raisa House of Excellence

As the name implies, Raisa House of Excellence products is truly one of the highest qualities out there. This company located in Jakarta, Indonesia excels in indoor mahogany in French provincial furniture style. Giving your indoor rooms an air of excellence and exclusivity through their quality products.

  1. Chitose International

Built in 1981, this company have been one of the leading fronts when it comes to steel related furniture. Starting with folding chairs, this company now offers over 100 variants of different furniture. They also accept custom-made furniture too if you prefer something like that.

That’s it for our 4 Indonesian Furniture Brands you have to check out if you’re looking to spruce up your décor. Thank you for reading, and see you some other time!