4 Teak Bedroom Furniture You Can Check Out Yourself

teak bedroom furniture

A good bedroom design is important. Some would already find the perfect style for their bedroom, but some also don’t. If you’re confused, why not go with teak? Lucky for you, here we have 4 Teak Bedroom Furniture from you can try out yourself.

  1. Linea II Natural King Bed

Starting from the most important piece in bedroom design, we have Linea II Natural King Bed to fill in our bed spot. This clean, linear styling reclaimed solid teak is left in its unfinished state to showcase the wood’s unique knots and patterns, and the open framing of its headboard lends airy and floaty feel to your bedroom

  1. Linea II Natural Four-Drawer Dresser

Continuing to the drawer business, we have another Linea II product lineup that same as its bed counterpart, offers the delight of unfinished solid teak and airy feel, even more emphasizing the airy and floaty feel in your bedroom.

  1. Rigby Natural 55″ Small Floating Media Console

Next we have Rigby Natural 55” Small Floating Media Console. This very versatile compartment can act as TV stand mounts, media console, or dining buffet depending on how high you place it. Perfect for anyone looking to add some entertainments in the bedroom while also complementing the airy and floaty feel from the Linea II product line up.

  1. Linea II Nightstand

And last but not least, we have our Linea II Nightstand. This similarly unfinished texture unique to the Linea II lineup is also present on the nightstand, perfect as a final complementing piece for your airy and floaty bedroom feel when combined with the other 3 products mentioned above.

How is it? Are you convinced yet after reading our 4 Teak Bedroom Furniture You Can Check Out Yourself? But in all seriousness, teak is never a bad pick for decoration choice. It’s so versatile that you can get modern, contemporary, or classical feel depending on what you want. So, don’t be afraid and try out the wonders of teak Indonesia furniture yourself.