Country Casual Teak Outdoor Dining, A Hand-Picked Recommendations

teak outdoor dining

If you haven’t heard of Country Casual Teak yet, they are a company built in 1977 that specializes in outdoor teak furniture. Their over 40 year plus of experiences makes them one of the most trusted outdoor teak furniture manufacturers out there, and in today’s article, we will be showcasing two of their Teak Outdoor Dining furniture. Let’s check them out, shall we?

  1. Harborside® Extension Table

Taken from their website, the table starts as a 6 ft oval and extends up to 9 ft oval. The extension can be put an umbrella up to 2-3/8 in pole in closed or extended position. The independent butterfly leaves will tuck and fold beneath the table when not in use. Using stainless steel as the material for the extension rails, it’s guaranteed that it will not warp or rust.

The extension table can accommodate around 6 people when in closed position and up to 10 people when fully extended. This set have 4 additional finishes you can choose if you’d like such as Golden Sealer, Gray Sealer, Teak Mildew Shield, and Teak Water & Stain Guard.

This versatile and unique sets of dining furniture will complement your outdoor garden very nicely, and it only takes 5 weeks or so for it to ship to your address. It costs around $2000, but for a top-tier quality product, we can firmly assure you that it’s worth it.

  1. Summit 10 ft. Infinity Table

This expansive 10 ft. table can seat around 8-10 people and features an umbrella hole right in the center made out of stainless steel. You can pair this set with Summit stacking armchairs in order to create a very gorgeous and accommodating dining table. There are 4 finish you can choose for this table being: Golden Sealer, Gray Sealer, Teak Mildew Shield, and Teak Water & Stain Guard.

Same with their Harborside Extension Table, this set worth around $2000 dollars too, but as we said in the previous product, anything from this company is a hundred percent worth your money.

And that is all we, Indonesia Furniture, have for the two recommendations for Country Casual Teak Outdoor dining. Despite its very expensive cost, both of these products are top quality in their respective business, and have been trusted for over 40 years by their customers.